In order to help the staff of the Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF on a daily basis, the leadership of the museum has started in 2013 to call upon members of the organisation, particularly “railway professionals”, to voluntarily present museum objects to the public.

This initiative has been a real success with the public, who appreciate the explanations given by these volunteers; for the volunteers who love sharing their passion for the railway; but also for us, leaders of the organisation, who appreciate the exceptional involvement of the members of our organisation to bring awareness to our museum and its treasures.

We have asked for their help on other exhibitions, and this group of “volunteers” has grown in the last three years. Thanks to their enthusiasm and the support they give to the staff of the Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF, they started carrying out other missions for the development of the museum, thanks to their specific competences; missions which couldn’t be taken care of by our staff.

All these missions are being executed under leadership of the president and the managing director. The volunteers are put into different groups according to their wishes and competences.

If you wish to share these missions, you can join this group of volunteers of the organisation.

You just have to be a member of the organisation and to send your application to the managing director of the Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF.




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